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The purpose of this website is to consolidate the many websites, videos and news articles pertaining to scientists` concerns over the questionable way that the IPCC and other government funded agencies portray climate change. Their hypothesis states:

This website will show that there are currently four independant factors contributing to climate change (global warming).

Research has shown that life on earth actually flourishes with warmer temperatures.

CO2 Is Not A Pollutant, Rather It Is A Vital Plant Nutrient.

Climate Alarmism Is Harmful To People`s Wellbeing, The Economy, Energy Stability And Causes Divisiveness In Society.

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Climate change alarmist/activist: A person who believes humans are causing climate change through the manufacturing of greenhouse gases such as CO2.
Climate change skeptic: A person who believes that climate change DOES exist, that humans are increasing greenhouse gases and that greenhouse gases can cause increases in global temperature but question whether human CO2 contribution is enough to affect the climate in a negative way. Rather, a skeptic believes that current climate change is the result of several factors.
Climate change denier: A term made up by climate change alarmists to refer to climate change skeptics to make it appear as though the skeptics are denying climate change. This ironically applies more to the alarmists as they seem to deny that climate change could have any natural factors affecting it.
IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - The IPCC produces reports that support the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which is the main international treaty on climate change. The treaty from 1992 is "The UNFCCC objective is to 'stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system'". In other words, the IPCC`s objective is to only focus on greenhouse gases and not any other sources of climate change.
AGW: Anthropogenic Global Warming theory - the belief that humans are causing global warming through the production of greenhouse gases.

Global Warming Contributors


In order for any gas to be a greenhouse gas it must be able to absorb infrared light being reflected off the surface of the earth and convert that to heat energy. In Earth`s atmosphere, the predominate GH gases are Water Vapor, CO2, Methane and other trace gases. See chart below.

Source: The National Center for Biotechnology Information

Some quotes:

CO2 mostly only abosrbs infrared light at two wavelengths: 4.3 and 14.9. According to 2013 article from the Imperial College London that studied Infrared spectral absorption by water vapour and carbon dioxide, they stated, "The CO2 4.3um absorption coefficients are the strongest in the infrared region but are located where the radiative intensity is much weaker. Thus, although it plays a role in the upper atmosphere, this band is unimportant to the greenhouse effect on Earth.", thereby eliminating the 4.3 wavelength absorption and leaving only the 14.9 wavelength (Page 5, 2nd last paragraph).

A Harvard University study, section 7.3.3 Interpretation of the terrestrial radiation spectrum they state, "Contrast this situation to a greenhouse gas absorbing solely at 15 mm, in the CO2 absorption band ( Figure 7-8 ). At that wavelength the atmospheric column is already opaque ( Figure 7-13 ), and injecting an additional atmospheric absorber has no significant greenhouse effect.". Looking at the chart above, one can see that Water Vapor already absorbs most of the 14.9 wavelength leaving little more for CO2 to absorb.

Other Planets And CO2

PlanetTemp. DayTemp. NightCO2 %Atmosphere PressurePPM
Mercury427 C-173 C000
Venus462 C462 C96.5908,402,9484
Earth25 C20 C0.04071410
Mars20 C-63 C950.0065,601
Jupiter725 C
725 C
0varies with depth0
On Mars, the night time temperature drops significantly more than on Earth. This is due to the lack of water vapour on Mars. While CO2 is a greenhouse gas and Mars has 11 times more than Earth, it is very week in Infrared light absoption compared to water vapour. On Earth, water vapour is the main gas controlling temperature.


Climate change is real. Whether you are an alarmist or a skeptic there is overwelming scientific evidence showing that earth`s climate changes over time.

According to the Utah Geological Survey, "At least five major ice ages have occurred throughout Earth`s history: the earliest was over 2 billion years ago, and the most recent one began approximately 3 million years ago and continues today..."

"Since 2,500 B.C., there have been at least 78 major climate changes worldwide, including two major changes in just the past 40 years."
"By the end of this 21st Century, a cool down may occur that could ultimately lead to expanding glaciers worldwide, even in the mid-latitudes. Based on long-term climatic data, these major ice ages have recurred about every 11,500 years. The last extensive ice age was approximately 11,500 years ago, so we may be due again sometime soon. But, only time will tell." Global Temperature Trends From 2500 B.C. To 2040 A.D.
By Climatologist Cliff Harris and Meteorologist Randy Mann

Based on glacier ice core samples there have been at least 5 ice ages (global cooling) followed by a period of global warming each time. Neither global cooling nor global warming is a new thing that is caused by humans.

Most people are aware that during the Medieval Warm Period Vikings had settled on the southern shores of Greenland as the temperatures back then were about as warm as they are today and could sustain some farming until the Little Ice Age. However, there was a time even before this that Greenland was even warmer. According to a Scientific American report from 2007 about 400,000+ years ago Greenland (in the Dye 3 area) had forests, insects and spiders. "And based on the tree species found, Greenland must have been warmer than 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) in summer and never colder than one degree F (-17 degrees C) in winter, much warmer than present conditions." This means that Greenland has gone through previous periods of either local or global warming and what it is experiencing today is nothing new and should not be automatically assumed to be a new man-made event.

Greenland Ice Core Analysis Shows Drastic Climate Change Near End Of Last Ice Age The ice core showed the Northern Hemisphere briefly emerged from the last ice age some 14,700 years ago with a 22-degree-Fahrenheit (12 Celsius) spike in just 50 years, then plunged back into icy conditions before abruptly warming again about 11,700 years ago.

As of 2015/2016 California is experiencing a large drought. Many climate alarmists would suggest this is evidence of man-made climate change. According to a ZME Science article "Between 6,000 and 1,000 B.C.E., during the middle of a period called the Holocene, core samples suggest that California went through a dry period that lasted 5,000 years...Sediment records show the Pacific ocean was in a La Nina-like state which drastically reduced precipitations and made California warm and dry. A similar, albeit much briefer, period was seen between 950 and 1250 C.E, which paleoclimatologists commonly refer to as the medieval climate anomaly." In other words, California's climate changed in the past without AGW so a change today does not automatically mean AGW.

According to a recent Columbia University article about core samples taken nearly 1,000 feet below the Dead Sea there were two major draughts 120,000 years ago and again 10,000 years ago there were greater than any modern day draught. Again, severe draughts existed before AGW.

Some scientists also believe that Mars is undergoing climate change. "All around the ice cap, there is evidence for a climate change from ice age to interglacial period...". On Mars, where there are no humans, the ice caps have also been shrinking (last paragraph). Ice caps melting due to natural climate change is not unique to Earth as seen also on Mars.

Natural continued...

SF6 gas (Sulfur hexafluoride)

The greenhouse effect ratio between SF6 and CO2 is 24,900:1. In section 7.4.2 Application, final paragraph, they state, "...we see that over a 100-year time horizon, reducing SF6 emissions by 1 kg is as effective from a greenhouse perspective as reducing CO2 emissions by 24,900 kg. Such considerations are important in designing control strategies to meet regulatory goals!".


SF6 is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable compound with high chemical stability, obtained through chemical reactions between sulfur, and fluorinated gas produced by the electrolysis of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid (HF). SF6 absorbs at wavelengths 10.3 and 10.7, right where there is no absorption from either Water Vapor or CO2.

SF6 is another significant source of fluorinated gas emissions. This gas is mainly used by the electric power industry as an insulator and arc interrupter. The other important source of SF6 emissions is from its use as a cover gas in magnesium production. Total SF6 emissions equal 7160 tonnes annually.1

EPA: Overview of Greenhouse Gases Provides a percent distribution and Global Warming Potential value.

SF6 is used extensively in equipment for the transmission and distribution of electricity. Emissions occur through leakage and maintenance losses. SF6 is also used as a cover gas to protect molten magnesium from oxidation. Emissions are caused during the production process when the gas is released into the atmosphere. Source. Ironically, as society switches to electric vehicles and thereby increases the transimission of electricty to charge these vehicles, more SF6 will be leaked into the atmosphere which has a far greater greenhouse effect than CO2.

Climate change: Electrical industry`s `dirty secret` boosts warming. Some quotes from the BBC article:

Research Gate SF6 Paper: Quantifying greenhouse-gas emissions from atmospheric measurements: a critical reality check for climate legislation

Pubmed: Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6): global environmental effects and toxic byproduct formation


Albedo is the reflective properties of an object and how much energy it retains versus reflects away from itself. The earth also has an Albedo effect. Dr. Denis Rancourt gave a lecture in 2015 at the University of Ottawa on the effects of albedo and climate change. Universe Today published an article in 2004 that explains how albedo rose from 1985 to 1996 and heated up the earth. As far back as 2004 scientists already suspected that albedo might also be contributing earth`s temperature increase.

The easiest example to give on albedo would be comparing two similar objects of different colour on a sunny day, such as a white car and a black car parked next to each other in a parking lot. If you were to touch both cars with your hands you would notice that the black car is much warmer.

Since industrialization, humans have transformed the surface of the earth through deforestation and therefore its albedo effect. In the mid 1800`s there were no paved roads and few concrete cities. The cities we had were for a population of about 1.5 billion people, now we have cities for 7.5 billion people, about a 500% increase. Compare the temperature of grass on a sunny day to a paved road and there is a big difference. As of 2017 there is an estimated 38,491,768 km of roads in the world, something that didn`t even exist 170+ years ago. To see how cities affect albedo, at night take a drive in the country outside of a city then drive into that city and you will notice up to a 5 degress Celsius increase since concrete cities store energy(heat) that is then released back into the atmosphere at night.

Improved estimates of preindustrial biomass burning reduce the magnitude of aerosol climate forcing in the Southern Hemisphere The albedo effects of smoke prior to the industrial revolution has a greater influence on climate than first estimated.

Earth is dimming due to climate change. "...referring to the earthshine data from 1998 to 2017...Once this significant additional solar energy is in Earth's atmosphere and oceans, it may contribute to global warming, as the extra sunlight is of the same magnitude as the total anthropogenic climate forcing over the last two decades."

A GSA article estimated that "83 percent of the total land directly influenced by human activities." This influence affects Albedo.

Life On Earth Actually Flourishes With Warmer Temperatures

Global, regional, and national burden of mortality associated with non-optimal ambient temperatures from 2000 to 2019: a three-stage modelling study. Most excess deaths were linked to cold temperatures (8.52%), whereas fewer were linked to hot temperatures (0.91%). (section: Discussion, paragraph 1)

Cold weather kills far more people than hot weather. Cold weather kills 20 times as many people as hot weather, according to an international study analyzing over 74 million deaths in 384 locations across 13 countries

In dinosaurs` heyday in the late Cretaceous Period roughly 78 million years ago, Earth`s climate was both warmer and more varied than what we have known before, researchers report..

Climate change to open up 'frontier' farmland, but experts urge caution.
- In a few more decades, potatoes from the Russian tundra and corn from once-frigid areas of Canada could be added to the list as vast swathes of land previously unsuited to agriculture open up to farmers on a hotter planet.
- Climate change could expand farmland globally by almost a third, a study by international researchers found last week.
- "In a warming world, Canada`s north may become our breadbasket of the future," the scientists wrote.

CO2 Is Not A Pollutant, Rather It Is A Vital Plant Nutrient

First, let`s look at the definition of pollution. the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment. The presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects. damage caused to water, air, etc. by harmful substances or waste.

CO2 Characteristics
Manitoba Government Agriculture: ... CO2 supplementation will enhance the productivity of the greenhouse... Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds
The above two links explain that CO2 is a vital nutrient for plant growth. If CO2 levels were to ever drop to 150 ppm or lower, photosynthesis would stop and most plants would begin to die, followed by humans. Optimum levels of CO2 for plant growth are 1200 ppm. With our current levels around 410, more would be better, not worse.
Medical science states "Asthma patients reduce symptoms, improve lung function with shallow breaths, more carbon dioxide". How can a pollutant help asthma patients breathe easier? Only if it is not a pollutant.

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs states that:

Plant responses to increasing CO2 reduce estimates of climate impacts on drought severity: "...water savings that plants experience under high CO2 conditions compensate for much of the effect of warmer temperatures, keeping the amount of water on land, on average, higher than we would predict with common drought metrics, and with a different spatial pattern. The implications of plants needing less water under high CO2 reaches beyond drought prediction to the assessment of climate change impacts on agriculture, water resources, wildfire risk, and vegetation dynamics."
Below, you will find other scientific articles that contradict Suzuki and the IPCC regarding the benefits to increased CO2 for plant growth.

An April 2016 study by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions found that "greenhouse gas CO2 produces a 'fertilization effect'... more CO2-rich conditions allow high-latitude forests to recover faster from harvest, fire and insect disturbances".

It would be logical to assume that all trees in the world along with other vegetion such as food crops would also benefit from the CO2 increases. Another fact the IPCC always forgets to mention.

Shrub growth helps counteract climate warming, says University of Alberta researcher "Changes to plant life in the arctic may actually help reduce climate warming in some regions, a University of Alberta researcher has discovered."

A July 2013 article from, states, "High CO2 spurs wetlands to absorb more carbon", according to a 19-year study published in Global Change Biology from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater, Md

A November 30, 2015 article from, states, "High concentration of CO2 protects sorghum against drought and improves seeds", according to the University of Sao Paulo`s Bioscience Institute (IB-USP) in Brazil.
"The rising atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2), chief among the greenhouse gases fueling global warming and climate change, is beneficial for the physiology of sorghum, an economically and nutritionally important crop grown worldwide."

Despite all the IPCC doom and gloom predictions of droughts and starvation because of AGW, Africa in recent years is improving and doing very well with their food production. Africa: Continent of Plenty, a 2013 article from the IEEE,

CO2 levels around 1,300 ppm is good for plant growth. CO2 levels below 340 ppm is bad for plant growth. Life on earth depends on healthy plant growth. It is inconceivable to suggest CO2 is a pollutant and is just an outright lie.

CO2 does not meet the definition of a pollutant. CO2 is a natually occurring molecule that is benficial to plant growth because it is a plant nutrient. It is also essential to keeping the planet from freezing up. CO2 does not cause any breathing problems in humans and can actually help asthma sufferers. CO2 is no more a pollutant than H2O (water vapor) is. Any website or news article that refers to CO2 as pollution is misleading and deceiving. Water vapor (H2O) is also a greenhouse gas. Will the alarmists one day refer to water as a pollutant too?

Climate Alarmism Is Harmful To People`s Wellbeing, The Economy, Energy Stability And Causes Divisiveness In Society.

Half Truths

The below image was taken from a typical climate change report. Notice how most of the graphs start at different years, depending on when the data was favourable for them to start charting.

The source (select page 38) of the chart above comes from, a website funded by 13 US government agencies. The graphs around the central image explain how measured data is affecting the planet because of CO2. The graphs are based on real data, however the graphs don`t show all the data. To see all the data, you need to look at another document from
Data for chart l above Data for chart l above Data for chart b above

Source of 3 charts above

Notice how much data was hidden in the final climate report that was actually measured and completely changes how the data would be interpreted. Despite politicians` claims that 2016-present are the warmest temperatures on record, actual data shows the 1930`s were much warmer.

Data for chart k above. Source
Chart k above shows a steady increase of USA forest fires and starts at 1980. The above chart with all the data goes back to 1916 and shows how forest fires were much worse from the late 1920`s to the mid 1950`s. A very different narative from today`s politicians.

Antarctic ice loss has tripled in a decade. If that continues, we are in serious trouble. This is an example of a typical propaganda news headline. The article claims measurements dating back to 1992 show the ice melting rapidly away. If this were true, NASA satellites should easily pick this up. Continue reading below to see what real science says.

NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses
A new 2015 NASA study says that an increase in Antarctic snow accumulation that began 10,000 years ago is currently adding enough ice to the continent to outweigh the increased losses from its thinning glaciers. The research challenges the conclusions of other studies, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) 2013 report, which says that Antarctica is overall losing land ice.

Great Lakes water levels reaching record lows In 2013 the Great Lakes reached record lows and climate alarmists stated that climate change was causing this.
Great Lakes Levels Are Rising - a Sign of Things to Come?. We could see even more dramatic swings in water levels thanks to climate change.
Now, the truth:
EPA - No real change: Climate Change Indicators: Great Lakes Water Levels and Temperatures.

Google prohibits ads that promote or make money from climate change denial. Their definition of climate change denial includes any science that disputes how strong CO2 is or evidence of other climate influencers.

A New Religion/Cult - Mental Stress

Confess your climate change sins here. The news group NBC has actually set up a climate change website with a confession portal. Climate change hysteria is officially a religion/cult now.

Don`t forget that NBC also faked some news about GM trucks back in the 1980`s where they were sued by GM as a result.

For less-than-mature adults, climate alarmism is perhaps a mental illness as seen in the BBC article The harm from worrying about climate change. Some quotes from the article:

These points should be alarming to the average citizen, especially the one about killing children.

Extremist idealogies can lead to extremist actions:

The moral case for destroying fossil fuel infrastructure A.K.A. - Eco terrorism. Some quotes from the article:

The author, Andreas Malm is a professor at Lund University. He is part of the Marxist movement in Sweden. As a university professor, he has access to your children and can influence and indoctrinate their thinking and beliefs. Universities tend to be polically-left with Marxist overtones, so this is not an isolated occurance, it just happened to get published.

David Suzuki says pipelines will be blown up... He is a prominent outspoken Canadian climate activist. Immediately after Suzuki made this statement, the David Suzuki Foundation distanced itself from David and stated they did not agree with his extremist views. A few days later he reluctantly retracted his statement.

Telling half the truth is synonymous with lying. Today`s politicians and politically paid climate scientists are only telling us half the truth.

Green Jobs

Tesla is Slowly Pushing Germany Into Recession. Problem is, electric cars don`t require the same workforce to build. As Reuters writes, `electric cars provide less assembly work than combustion engine vehicles.`

EV shift puts engine jobs on chopping block in Japan and Germany. Japanese industry faces loss of 84,000 positions in 'collapse of pyramid'
"In Japan alone, the rise of EVs threatens the loss of employment for 84,000 people by 2050..."
"Volkswagen and Daimler will cut factory staff as part of their embrace of EVs."
"The shift to EVs could hit household budgets in another way -- through higher prices of industrial materials."

Biden looks abroad for electric vehicle metals, in blow to US miners "Biden officials want to ensure the administration's EV aspirations are not imperiled as domestic mines face roadblocks" "But the bulk of Biden's approach is designed to sidestep battles with environmentalists..." Mining has its own environmental issues so the USA and other countries will likely rely on third world countries for these minerals.

Germany`s plan of replacing coal with "green energy" will destroy about 60,000 jobs: Some 20,000 jobs in Germany are tied directly to the coal industry; another 40,000 depend on it indirectly. This move will cost billions of euros and only produce 5,000 new jobs over 10 years: The government is expected to have to spend billions of euros (dollars) helping affected regions manage the economic impact of mine closures in the coming decades. A draft proposal envisages the creation of 5,000 new jobs over the next 10 years. A net loss of 55,000 jobs along with billions in expenses.

Green Energy

While solar panels and wind turbine construction has decreased in price, the production of electricity from these sources still tends to be the most expensive. The most affordable and clean way to produce electricity is nuclear. California is very pro green energy with the use of solar panels however they also have the highest electricity rates in the USA paying as much as 40% more. Calif. Power Rates Go Up 80 Percent. Despite California`s over production of unpredictable electricity, they also mandated that all new houses are to have solar panels installed on their roofs. This will not only drive up the cost of electricity even more but also increase the cost of buying a house!

The Globe and Mail: Surging heating costs. Electricity rationing. Is this what the energy transition looks like?

A German Power Plant Just Ran Out of Coal in Latest Energy Shock

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) report, Natural Gas Phase-Out Study determined that phasing out natural gas by 2030 would cause the following harm to Ontario:

Quebec will have similar energy problems by 2030 with the federal mandate to phase out reliable energy.

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Ethics and Deception


COVID-19 was/is a virus that caused severe illness and death to many people, far worse than the seasonal flu. Fighting this illness required that our governments had to take extreme measures to protect its citizens, including violating our Charter of Rights at times. This included being forced to wear masks, social distancing, not visiting family and friends, isolating for two weeks at a time, disclosing your medical status to your employer and threats of being fired if you do not, etc. While these measures were necessary to save lives, it also became a rehersal and blueprint for how our governments could possibly violate our rights for other causes.

Many governments are now calling climate change a serious threat to humanity. They have begun taking away our rights by telling us what kinds of cars we can and cannot drive, how we must heat our homes, how much we should travel by plane to other countries, how much meat to eat, carbon taxes to take away our savings, etc. Citizens being complacent with these violations only encourages governments to take more away from us. Being a silent majority is no longer acceptable and is actually dangerous for future generations

Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing - John Stuart Mill


Terence Corcoran: Flagship climate craziness. New IEA report plans for a new global energy crisis.

While CO2 is a greenhouse gas that can have some influence on our climate, it is by no means the only factor for climate change. The IPCC has only focused on greenhouse gases but there are many other scientific articles that discuss other influences such as cycles of the sun, the earth`s mantle, geothermal hot spots, albedo, etc.. This website looked at those other scientific articles.

Science articles from NASA, Scientific American, ZME Science, Columbia University, British Antarctic Survey, National Geographic, Nature Climate Change, Science Mag, etc. have all stated that there are many natural influences affecting our climate today. These articles show larger climate changes of the past may be repeating themselves today. Additionally, calling CO2 a pullutant is a lie. CO2 has caused no harm to humans, animals or vegetation; it only benefits plants. More CO2 means most plants grow quicker, bigger and stronger, something that would benefit all life on earth.

Politicians from the Paris Climate Summit have deliberately ignored and suppressed this information. They do not present climate change in a neutral and un-biased manner. By preventing scientific studies from being published that show other causes of climate change, society may make the wrong decisions in adapting to whatever climate change is coming our way in the next several decades.

The average citizen does not seem to care about what the politicians are doing. Few speak up because they don`t read and do their own research; they seem content to believe whatever the politicians present in the news.

This website has no feedback section because there is no new research presented. There are only references to previously published scientific articles. If you have a concern with any of these scientific articles, you must contact those organizations directly.


This is a list of all the science articles referenced in the paragraphs above. This shows how many scientific articles there are that contradict the IPCC's claims to a CO2-only climate change scenario.

First published on Friday Feb. 19, 2016